Chinsay and Commodities People are partnering to bring additional expertise on trade digitalisation, data and technologies to the commodities community. The partnership will result in sharing ongoing knowledge and best practice with the wider commodity audience.

Colin Hayward, CEO of Chinsay, said: “We want to strengthen the collaboration within the industry and are keen to engage with all market participants to accelerate transformation and thus the evolution of commodity markets. This is the ideal time to be partnering with Commodities People and we feel it’s important to share our expertise and sector knowledge, and drive forward innovation to benefit the sector. This event organiser is a pillar in our industry and partnering with them is a natural step in our strategy to engage, exchange information and help to add value to all industry players, be it potential clients or partners.”

Chinsay’s partnership will bring the commodity community ongoing expertise through well-informed articles and whitepapers. It will also bring the audience the virtual “There’s Money (and Data) Hidden in Your Contracts” panel discussion with industry leaders on the 9th of November, and Chinsay’s expertise to several panels at Commodities Trading Week 2022.

Ben Hillary, Managing Director and Founder of Commodities People, said: “It’s great to have Chinsay as an integral part of Commodity Trading Insider and Commodities Trading Week 2022. As a long-standing provider to and innovator in the industry, Chinsay has advanced how the market works, and we expect the company’s expertise and experience to bring even more value to attendees, fellow- speakers, and exhibitors. The webinar in November will be a great way of kick-starting our work together, bringing knowledge-sharing and expertise on how revolutionary technology can benefit businesses.”

Both Chinsay and Commodities People have been long-standing participants in the industry, bringing great knowledge and resources to the market. Chinsay’s innovative approach to trade digitalisation, collaboration and data has seen its Intelligent Contract Platform deployed in freight, metals and mining, agriculture, oil and gas markets, showing how real progress can be made and how a shared vision contributes to a better industry.