Chinsay Introduces a free service- and an improved discount model

For more than a decade Chinsay has been setting the global standard for online freight and commodities contract management in the physical markets. We want to help and encourage the industry to move away from the significant inefficiencies and financial losses which can result from using uncontrolled documents and obsolete versions of charter parties (CPs). We believe that giving free access to the Chinsay platform is a major step forward in enabling the industry to quickly and easily see the benefits of using specialised contract management technology. Managing charter parties is such an important part of freight transactions that it is time to move CP creation and management to a 21st century platform. From September 9th we are backing this belief with the decision to remove the current price for brokers using Chinsay on fixtures where none of the counterparties are subscribing Chinsay members (“standalone fixtures”). Along with our initiative to offer free CP creation we are launching a new discount model, making it applicable for more of our clients. Standalone fixtures are included in the discount structure, which means that you can take advantage of larger discounts on your external fixtures, simply by doing more free standalones (see the examples below). The revised discount model will start at 10 fixtures/month, reduced from the current 20, allowing more of our broker clients to qualify for a discount. Every trading day across 40 countries our 3,000 unique users see the benefits and cost-savings of contract standardisation and centralisation. With a clear audit trail and full compliance clients benefit from real-time management controls and significant error and risk reduction. We provide levels of efficiency, security and accuracy which only specialist technology and a real understanding of the market can deliver to the global shipping community. Getting access to your free standalones does not require any new action from your side. This will automatically apply when you create a fixture and select that both Charterer and Owner are “not a Chinsay member”. To find out more about what this means for your organisation feel free to contact us on (+46) 8611 14 20 or

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