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We believe intelligent use of contract data is the foundation for a better, more efficient business. Using Chinsay to connect your digital transaction information will connect your business to the future

Chinsay is the specialist in solutions: we capture contract data and transform it into actionable information for document generation, smart contracts, electronic documentation, industry collaboration, and post-trade efficiencies through digitalisation.

Global Corporations Depend on Chinsay


Work Faster

Focus your time on trading and less on contract administration.

Track Progress

Access your contracts and next steps in real-time — anytime.

Be in Total Control

Effortless compliance. Never wonder if you’re potentially at risk.


Customer Testimonials

Before Chinsay it could take anywhere from a couple of weeks to more than a month to finalise all the Charter Party work. Now we are able to review, approve and sign a CP in a day if not in a couple of hours.
— Christiana Mouka, Anangel Maritime Services
When we implemented Chinsay’s solutions, we quickly noticed an improvement in operational quality and time saved.
— Aitana Conca, Cargill

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