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An introduction to our platform



Reviewing our contracts with Chinsay takes only 30 minutes compared to the 3 hours using traditional methods of checking everything line by line
— Christiana Mouka,
Anangel Maritime Services

Save Time by Automating your Workflow

With Chinsay, your charter party can be drafted lightning fast. Easily import information directly into a new fixture from the clause library or head CP, and automatically link information from the recap. No manual work required. 

Reviewing charter parties typically takes a huge amount of time. But not with Chinsay. A 50-page charter party can be reviewed in minutes with our change report feature that compares the head CP to the base format, as well as previous versions.

Get An Overview Of Your Fixtures

Our progress reports make it easier to finalise a CP securely. All fixtures are tracked and logged so you will always know the next steps and who is responsible for delivering. Each involved party is informed anytime an important update is made. Also, the audit log feature ensures you're always aware of any changes or updates that occur with each fixture.

Control Your Charter parties

Chinsay helps keep you in control of CP’s by sharing only the clauses or head CPs that you directly approve with your broker or counter-parties. Chinsay lets you set-up validation and e-signature workflows that keep you safely in compliance without any additional effort.  

Easy collaboration internally and externally

Chinsay facilitates easy collaboration within your organisation and with chosen external parties throughout the entire process. All involved parties can see and share information, as well as assign specific tasks. Charterers, Brokers, and Operators can each access the information they need to complete their part of the fixture.  With our user-level access-levels feature, users only get access to the parts that are relevant to them.

Advanced Data Analytics & Interactive Dashboards

Drive better decision making through our interactive reports. See your real-time aggregate fixture data beautifully visualised in Chinsay's embedded reporting module. Plus, you can customise and structure your reports to focus on the metrics that matter the most to you.



Approved By Principals:

When we implemented Chinsay’s solutions, we quickly noticed an improvement in operational quality and time saved.
— Aitana Conca, Cargill
Chinsay helped us eliminate paper contracts and streamline our workflow online so we can spend less time on contract administration while ensuring we remained fully compliant with our Charter Party requirements.
— Saurabh Dasgupta, Head of Ocean Freight Procurement, BHP

Approved By Brokers:

CPs are completed much faster with Chinsay, and our clients appreciate being able to have a recap and CP ready before subs are lifted.
— Adriana Mercier, United Chartering Ltd
The Chinsay support staff are a fantastic team to work with. They have been available to assist me in a prompt and helpful manner whenever I have needed it.
— Lisa Paisley, Howe Robinson Partners

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We use a multi-layered approach to protect your information, including data encryption, the latest firewall protection, continuous monitoring, and much more. 

We leverage partnerships with cutting-edge technology leaders like Microsoft Azure and Akamai. We also perform frequent 3rd party security audits. 

world Class Support

24/7 Support Guaranteed

Experienced in-house support staff is available by phone or email 24/7. Our average support response time is less than an hour, and our support satisfaction rating is 100%. Really!  Support is included, free of charge for every Chinsay user. We’re here and happy to help.

Custom On-Boarding and Deployment Support

We promise to have you running comfortably on our online platform from day one.  We digitise your head CPs and company approved clauses and forms. Plus, we provide on-site or online training for you, as well as for all your brokers — all for free.

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