The Platform for Effortless Commodity Contracts

Spend less time on contract management and more time on trading.

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Work Faster

Focus your time on trading and less on contract administration.

Track Progress

Access your contracts and next steps in real-time — anytime.

Be in Total Control

Effortless compliance. Never wonder if you’re potentially at risk.


Customised to your Exact Workflow needs

Chinsay's workflow is customised and adapted to your current workflow, so you don't waste precious time learning a new way of doing things. You'll be able to immediately jump right in and get going. 

Contract Analytics Visualised

Make data-driven decisions based on aggregate contract data visualised in Chinsay's embedded reporting module. With customisable and interactive reports, you can easily stay focused on the metrics that matter the most to you and track them over time. 

Designed to Increase Your Efficiency

Chinsay's platform will supercharge your efficiency. By linking information between different trade documents to avoid double-entry, and by importing clauses from your custom clause library, Chinsay automates much of the contract process. This removes the need for time-consuming manual entry and reduces the chance of errors creeping in. 

Corporate Learning Benefits

Chinsay lets you share insights, tips, and suggestions exactly when they're needed from the contract drafting process to others on your team. Leverage the collective knowledge of your organisation and empower each of your traders with the best available knowledge. 

Painless Compliance

Keeping track of the correct clauses, terms, approved counterparties, and who needs to sign what, is a complicated process. Chinsay simplifies this by integrating compliance measures directly into your workflow. Legal can centrally update the approved clauses to keep traders in compliance and risk-free. Master Data can be updated so the right terms are always chosen and approved by the responsible department.

See how it works



Chinsay uses a multi-layered approach to protect your information, including data encryption, the latest firewall protection, continuous monitoring, and more.

Chinsay leverages partnerships with cutting-edge technology leaders like Microsoft Azure and Akamai. We also perform frequent third-party security audits.


24/7 Support Guaranteed

Experienced in-house support staff is available by phone or email 24/7. Our average support response time is less than an hour, and our support satisfaction rating is 100%. Really! Support is included, free of charge for every Chinsay user. We’re here and happy to help.

Custom On-Boarding and Deployment Support

We promise to have you running comfortably on our online platform from day one. We digitise your company approved clauses and forms, plus, provide on-site or online training for you, as well as for all your traders — all for free.